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about us

Buckland Capital Partners Ltd brings an entrepreneurial mindset to supporting the wider group of trading businesses.

The Company engenders a common philosophy within the Group striving for a long-term, sustainable approach with the aim of generating growth and profitability across a broad range of business sectors in which it is involved.

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history & heritage

Southwick Estate has been in the ownership and management of successive generations of the Thistlethwayte family for over 500 years.  Buckland Capital Partners Ltd was originally set up by Mark Thistlethwayte in 2006 to oversee and manage his family’s investment interests.

The scope of Buckland Capital Partners Ltd involvement has since grown significantly as the wider group of companies has expanded and the range of the activities has increased.  Our team continues to successfully manage and deliver projects including the funding and delivery of solar parks, identifying new investment opportunities and infrastructure projects.

What remains constant is the collective philosophy of taking a long-term, consistent and sustainable approach to all our investments and activities.


our team


Our team combine substantial experience in corporate finance, asset and risk-management, securities trading, property development and finance with an entrepreneurial outlook.

our vision

Each of the companies in the Buckland group share a common philosophy based on taking a long term and sustainable approach to foster success across all the projects and partnerships we are involved with.