Unquoted Equity

Our Unquoted Equity Investment Service is based on combining the investment expertise and disciplines found in Buckland and Chelverton:



  • Chelverton's extensive experience in sourcing in both small quoted and unquoted businesses over 25 years
  • Buckland Capital Partners' investment management capability, structuring and fund raising expertise



We focus on finding steady, well-managed companies that can supply a secure and growing income. A key part of our involvement with these companies is the introduction of additional risk management structuring and monitoring.


Whilst we are not tax advisors, we believe that our unique approach is tax efficient and can also qualify for full relief from UK inheritance tax. Individual clients have received HMRC clearance to that effect. 


Additionaly, the team are working onthe launch of an investment offering which sould offer the many and attractive benefits available through the Enterprise Investment Scheme 'EIS'.  For more information on this, please click this link

For more information on Unquoted Equity, click here to be taken to the Chelverton Asset Management website.